Buy One Public Art Proposal

Viral advertising, breaking through the digital barrier.


Seeking new consumers.




Trust the algorithm.

“Buy One” was an exercise in creating conceptual images for a public arts proposal that would modify existing advertising signage in existing high traffic, metropolitan areas. Focusing on the intersection of marketting and technology that has lead to a glut of cheap, autonomously developed spam advertisments pasted over every free square inch of online spaces, “Buy One” was an attempt to develope physical representations of this “viral” marketting, how it might self-propogatedand spread in the real world.

Images for the project were taken on walks around Calgary, Alberta with my cellphone. I then colour corrected the photos in Adobe Lightroom before painting over them in Photoshop across multiple layers and some simple masks. Using real-world images allowed me to quickly develop concepts from rough sketches, build up texture and pull colors from existing pallets as well as present a reasonable fascimily of how the actual installations might appear on location without much need for measurements.